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We believe in helping our clients grow their businesses and strengthening their brands. We are a chemical manufacturing facility, offering specialized services to help our clients bring their products to market effectively. Our services include: private label manufacturing and packaging, contract manufacturing and packaging, custom formulation, SDS authoring, bulk deliveries, and product storage.

Contract Manufacturing

Outsourcing the manufacturing of your products to another company is an important business decision. Volu-Sol has the expertise, the reputation, and the facilities necessary to deliver solutions on time and within budget. All proprietary information is held in strict confidence. Get Started

Manufacturing & Production

We are experts at handling hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals and capable of bottling and packaging those chemicals into many types of containers. Volu-Sol is an excellent and competitive solution if you are interested in expanding your product portfolio and strengthening your brand by putting your name on a trusted product, or reducing manufacturing and storage and packaging costs.  Get Started

Custom Formulation

Volu-Sol been manufacturing and formulating chemical solutions for research labs, testing facilities, universities, and hospitals for close to 30 years. If you have a new product idea or simply purchase an important product elsewhere that is costly, Volu-Sol can reverse engineer many reagents and chemicals used in the lab. 

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OEM Manufacturing & Packaging

Volu-Sol enables growth opportunities for our clients with a unique private label and chemical branding service. This service has been designed for companies that are looking to expand their product portfolio, enter to market quickly, or reduce manufacturing and packaging costs.

 Volu-Sol’s formulas are used by several of the world’s largest brands, we have also developed custom solutions for small testing facilities and other smaller clients. Volu-Sol is an excellent and competitive solution for large and small businesses.

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SDS Design & Development

Safety data sheets (MSDS or SDS) are a global requirement. Volu-Sol provides custom SDS authoring services that will ensure your business, and its products are in compliance with the most current regulatory information. Volu-Sol’s technical team is highly skilled in SDS authoring and capable of producing safety data sheets for compliance with GHS, OSHA, and CLP.

Volu-Sol handles any information provided in strict confidence, protecting your business interests as a first priority. Volu-Sol provides a draft of each SDS requested, to be approved.

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