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Volu-Sol has been handling and processing chemicals for close to 30 years.  We are experts at handling hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals and capable of bottling and packaging those chemicals into many types of containers.  Volu-Sol is an excellent and competitive solution if you are interested in expanding your product portfolio and strengthening your brand by putting your name on a trusted product, or reducing manufacturing and storage and packaging costs.

Volu-Sol has been manufacturing and formulating chemical solutions for research labs, testing facilities, universities, and hospitals for close to 30 years.  Volu-Sol and its team of expert chemists have a proven track record that can quickly provide a solution if you have a new product idea or simply purchase an important product elsewhere that is costly.  Volu-Sol can reverse engineer many reagents and chemicals used in the lab.  Volu-Sol is known as a vital partner to many facilities when looking to lower cost and replicate results.

With dozens of proprietary formulations and the expertise to reverse engineer or develop new formulas, Volu-Sol is a global player in the chemicals market.  Volu-Sol’s formulas are used by several of the world’s largest brands, we have also developed custom solutions for small testing facilities and other smaller clients.  Volu-Sol is an excellent and competitive solution for large and small businesses.

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