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SKUProduct Name & DescriptionInstructions for Use
VASAcetic Acid Solution 3%
VARAcetone (Technical)
VTAAcid Alcohol 0.5%
VAAAcid Alcohol Decolorizer IFU
VXAAcid Ethanol 90% IFU
VAFAcid-Fast Stain IFU
VAOAlcian Blue pH 1.0 IFU
VABAlcian Blue pH 2.5 IFU
VAGAlcoholic Giemsa Stain IFU
VFAAlcoholic Formalin 10% Neutral Buffered IFU
VWFAeroHematology Stain Residue Solvent
VWFMAeroHematology Stain Fixative, Modified
VAPAuramine Phenol Stain IFU
VCRAmyloid Stain (Congo Red)
VBABasic Fuchsin IFU
VGFBlood Smear Fixative
VMCBrilliant Cresyl Blue
VBGBrilliant Green IFU
VFBBouin's Fixative Solution
VBOBorax Solution, 5%
VDMCarbol Fuchsin DMSO
VXZCarbol Xylene
VCSCarnoy's Fluid
VCCCetylpyridinium Chloride
VGSCrystal Violet Stain IFU
VJFDC Solution
VDHDehydrant 100% IFU
VDTDehydrant 70% IFU
VDODehydrant 80% IFU
VDNDehydrant 95% IFU
VDIDeionized Water
VDFDip-Stain Solution I (Fixative) IFU
VDEDip-Stain Solution II (Eosin) IFU
VDBDip-Stain Solution III (Methylene Blue) IFU
VYAEosin Y 1% Alcoholic IFU
VECEosin Y Counterstain IFU
VEPEosin Y Phloxine Stain IFU
VXBEthanol 70% SDA IFU
VXCEthanol 95% SDA (190 Proof) IFU
VFMFormaldehyde 37% (Formalin) IFU
VFTFormalin 10% Histological Grade IFU
VFBFormalin 10% Neutral Buffered IFU
VFCFormalin Concentrate Buffered IFU
VAHGill's Hematoxylin I (Single Strength) IFU
VBHGill's Hematoxylin II (Double Strength) IFU
VCHGill's Hematoxylin III (Triple Strength) IFU
VGDGram's Decolorizer IFU
VGDCGram's Decolorizer Concentrate 1 to 1 IFU
VGIGram's Iodine Solution Stabilized IFU
VWBHematology Buffer (pH 6.8) IFU
VHBHematology Buffer Powder (pH 7.1) IFU
NWBHematology Buffer (pH 7.1) IFU
VHRHematology Rinse IFU
VHHHematoxylin Stain, Harris Formulation IFU
VMHHematoxylin Stain, Mayer's (Lillie's Modification) IFU
VHMHematoxylin Stain, Modified Harris Formulation (Mercury Free) IFU
VHTHyaluronidase Pretreatment Solution
VHCHydrochloric Acid, 1N (Reagent Grade)
16482Immersion Oil, Type A (Low Viscosity)
16484Immersion Oil, Type B (High Viscosity)
VXIIodine Alcohol (Ethanol 70% Diluent Included) IFU
VLCLactophenol Cotton Blue IFU
VLVLactophenol Cotton Blue with PVA IFU
VIGLugol's Iodine (Diluent Included) IFU
NIGLugol's Iodine 2% IFU
NGILugol's Iodine 5% IFU
VIG-271Lugol's Iodine Concentrate IFU
VHXMethenamine, Granular
VMTMethanol (Technical)
VBCMethylene Blue IFU
VMSNasal Cytology Stain IFU
VMBNew Methylene Blue IFU
VEAPapanicolaou Stain, EA-50 IFU
VSEPapanicolaou Stain, EA-65 IFU
VGEPapanicolaou Stain, Gill's Modified EA IFU
VGGPapanicolaou Stain, Gill's Modified OG-6 IFU
VOGPapanicolaou Stain, OG-6 IFU
VPBPhosphate Buffered Saline
VPPPotassium Permanganate .5%
VAEPure Ethanol SDA (200 Proof)
VPMPVA Fixative, Modified (Mercury Free) IFU
VQDQuick Decalcifier
VRCRack Cleaning Solution
VRERees-Ecker Fluid
VSDRegular Decalcifier
VMASaccomanno Solution IFU
VSFSAF Fixative
VGCSafranin O Stain IFU
VXMSchaudinn's Fixative, Modified (Mercury Free) IFU
VBSScott's Tap Water Substitute IFU
VSPSheather's Solution
VSSStat Stain IFU
VSMStatim Stain IFU
VBTTrichrome Blue Stain (Ryan Modification) IFU
VXTTrichrome Stain (Gomori) IFU
VATTruant Auramine-Rhodamine
VUSUrinary Sediment Stain IFU
VXSVolu-Sol Xylene Substitute
VWZWescor Buffered Rinse A
VWDWescor Eosin C
VWMWescor Fixative D
VWEWescor Thiazin B
VWSWright Stain IFU
VWGWright-Giemsa Stain IFU
VWGMWright-Giemsa Stain, Modified IFU
VZFZenker's Fixative IFU
VZNZiehl-Neelsen Carbol Fuchsin IFU
SAKSakura Wright & Wright Giemsa Stain Kit IFU

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Volu-Sol is a premier manufacturer primarily of “building block” stains and reagents for the medical diagnostic industry. Founded in the 1970’s and privately owned and operates out of a facility located in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Address: 5095 W. 2100 S. SLC, UT 84120

Phone: 1 (800) 821-2495

Business Hours: 9am-5pm Monday-Friday

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