Interesting Fact:  Volu-Sol has been in business since the 1970’s.
Interesting Fact: The Volu-Sol Definitive Automated Slide Stainer has been one of the most reliable automatic staining machines on the market for the past 20 years.

What does a hematology stain kit do?

Hematology kits are used to determine a particular blood type or cell count. The cells in bone marrow can also be analyzed using these same methods. These kits accomplish this by examining the structural characteristics of the blood cells. Color morphology is used, changing certain characteristics a notable color and allowing a concluding inference.

What are the different kits Volu-Sol has available for Hematology?

Volu-Sol offers a wide variety of different hematology kits and focus on an effort to achieve fast acting stain results.  Our proprietary rapid staining formulas Stat and Statim offer results as quickly as 15 seconds.  Dip-Stain Kits, as well as Methylene Blue and Alcoholic Giemsa are all performed differently and provide accurate and easy to read results.  Each test selection offers different results and specialties; the kind you order depends on what information you want to find.

How fast can I get my results from a Hematology kit?

This depends on the kit that you are using.  Volu-Sol is dedicated to providing accurate and quick results and have created a variety of our own testing kits that are quick and efficient.  Some often produce results in as little as 15 seconds.  Our company has been working on developing kits that offer quick results that also have a high degree of accuracy.  Reliability is our main goal.

How does a Hematology stain kit from Volu-Sol compare to other companies?

As a company dedicated to creating accuracy, our tests are highly reliable.  We have been pioneering our products since the 1970’s, and putting those year of experience into our development of further new products.    We have made efforts to increase the efficiency and speed of them, but we always have the goal in mind of providing the most confident and accurate results.  Our large amount of experience has allowed us to create the tests that are trustworthy and our commitment is what keeps customers coming back.

How do I order a kit from Volu-Sol?

Ordering a kit has never been easier.  Individuals can simply call and order, or perform the order sheet online.   You simply pick the products you want to purchase and enter in your credit card information.  Bulk orders can be done online as well, making it easier on office managers and companies.  Each product comes with a large description, ensuring that customers are ordering the right product and a variety of sizes are available for most things.

What is the shelf life of a hematology kit?

The shelf life of a hematology kit is entirely dependent on the type of kit that it is.  Certain chemicals outlast others, meaning that different means of making test kits also means different shelf lives.  Some can last up to 75 days, while other can go up to 120.  How you store them can also be a factor in their overall accuracy and reliability – chemicals are best stored in a way that protects them from UV light and fluctuations in temperature and humidity.