Wright-Giemsa Stains

The time-tested but still important Wright-Giemsa Stain technique is one of the foundations of our company. While bioengineers' first exposure to Wright-Giemsa Stains begin in their undergraduate work, it retains its relevance in a wide array of fields, including clinical testing and medical research. Volu-Sol is confident that the selection of refined Wright-Giemsa Stain kit formulations we have developed over the years will speak for themselves in terms of quality and utility.

Featured Article - Parasitology

The detection and study of parasites can be a fascinating application of microbiology. Volu-Sol carries a variety of reagents used for the detection of parasites like giardia, cryptosporidium and trypanosoma.


Featured Article: Questions and Facts about Gram Staining and Hematology Kits

Gram staining is an essential component of microbiology. Click here to learn more about how Volu-Sol is continually improving on this time-tested but still vital technique.

Hema tek





Bacteria and molds are necessary to keep the ecosystem in balance, produce many industrial materials, and process nutrients. However, they can also be responsible for diseases, spoilage of nutrients and drinking water, and corrosion.

Volu-Sol manufactures microbiology reagents and test kits for food, environment, and general microbiology use. Click Here for a List of Microbiology Products.

Featured Article - Hematology

High quality hematology chemicals are available from Volu-Sol in a variety of formulations for a variety of applications.

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