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Wright-Giemsa Stains

The time-tested but still important Wright-Giemsa Stain technique is one of the foundations of our company. While bioengineers' first exposure to Wright-Giemsa Stains begin in their undergraduate work, it retains its relevance in a wide array of fields, including clinical testing and medical research. Volu-Sol is confident that the selection of refined Wright-Giemsa Stain kit formulations we have developed over the years will speak for themselves in terms of quality and utility.

Beta Program

Sign up to participate in the evaluation of Volu-Sol's new and existing products in different packaging forms before they are made available to the market. As Volu-Sol continues to work and partner with educational facilities on new products, packaging options, and testing methods, Volu-Sol will provide small samples of products at no cost to selected clients for final evaluation.  

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Volu-Sol offers to provide an Automated Slide Stainer to one of our customers at random, please take our survey  to enter for a chance to win! If you are a new customer, you will automatically be entered to win after your first purchase. 

The Volu-Sol Definitive Automated Slide Stainer has been one of the most reliable automatic stainers on the market for the past 20 years. Volu-Sol is making it possible for everyone to own one of these stainers by offering great prices and special deals to participating institutions.   

Volu-Sol provides certified refurbished Definitive Automated Stainers at extremely low prices. Customers should continue to check in for additional seasonal promotional offers!

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Bacteria and molds are necessary to keep the ecosystem in balance, produce many industrial materials, and process nutrients. However, they can also be responsible for diseases, spoilage of nutrients and drinking water, and corrosion.

Volu-Sol manufactures microbiology reagents and test kits for food, environment, and general microbiology use. Click Here for a List of Microbiology Products.

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